High-tech products for housing/commercial building applications, specialized engineering software for the petrochemical industry, a handheld time accrual system and environmental compliance products.

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IAT has developed or represents numerous high-tech and environmental compliance products.

In the area of housing, we have, in conjunction with Native Development Co., designed a panelized precast concrete building system that provides exceptional insulative and sound attenuating properties without the addition of other materials. Due to the light weight nature of these panels, erection requires no heavy equipment for placement. Also, minimal specialized skilled labor is required due to the simplified nature of the building system. This system is equally suited for commercial applications where the strength of concrete is required and the insulative properties of our panels provide a value added solution to the end user.

Our software products have been developed to provide the ultimate in functionality at a reasonable cost. Our aboveground storage tank application, TankData 2000™ provides a centralized database for tracking inspections, repairs and modifications to all tanks that require API-653 inspection. Key_DM Dzyne Framework is an engineering environment that allows the user to handle and track all attributes of a design project from inception to finished product. TymeIn is a PC based application that allows those personnel that spend a large portion of their daily activities in front of a computer to accurately track how much time is spent on each task. Used in conjunction with the ETC200A and TymeOut, a companies entire staff can utilize the Eztyme system.

The Eztyme Handheld Time Accrual System was developed to fill the need of those companies that need accurate verifiable job costing information that does not rely on the individuals memory. Similar to the original time clock, the ETC200A can provide detailed attendance information. It can also provide detailed job costing without requiring the individual to be in proximity of a time clock, or even in a building.

The Sta'bl-POWER units are a superior transient voltage surge suppressor that, when installed correctly, provides a guaranteed reduction in billed kilowatt usage, as well as allowing your equipment to operate more efficiently. Items as commonly neglected as fluorescent bulbs will last up to five times longer when not subjected to the dirty power that is common place in a commercial environment. Whole house EFFECTIVE surge suppression offered in one device rather than multiple separate units that are dedicated to an individual appliance.

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