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R & D

IAT personnel have been involved in applications oriented research and development for decades. Our personnel have been instrumental in the development of the Acoustic Emission (AE) technology for practical applications and have a wealth of knowledge and experience in interpreting AE data as well as utilizing that data as a portion of the entire analysis process to make materials and component recommendations. We have applied AE successfully to equipment and structures fabricated from wood and composite materials to Cr-Mo Alloys operating around 1000 deg. F. The applications range from annual proof testing to process monitoring during fabrication and continuous monitoring for defect propagation or leakage.

IAT is currently nearing the end of the conceptual development of a new acoustic emission diagnostic instrumentation that will revolutionize the industry. The new concept will employ full digital waveform capture and storage of every event for subsequent post processing analysis. Additionally, the system will provide real time display of the AE activity. No other system has this feature today. Due to the proprietary nature of this system further elaboration cannot be provided at this time.

The most salient features of the IAT methodology is the interpretation and analytical post processing evaluation of the data derived from the AE testing. Of course, these values are preceded in importance only by the correct, planned and purposefully executed application and systematic approach to performing the AE testing initially.

The acoustic emission technology capabilities offered by IAT, which provide for unique qualification, are based upon the diverse experience in applying AE successfully to varied materials and applications. The ESSENTIAL component to these successes is the field derived and laboratory verified experience in interpreting the results of the acoustic emission test data, as it applies to the specific materials and applications or environments.


Our personnel are experts in their respective fields. They have participated in committees and standards writing organizations to develop methods and procedures for use throughout industry. Our structural engineers have specific experience in cranes for commercial as well as heavy industrial applications, such as mill buildings.

Description of Support Services

INTEGRATED ENGINEERING - IAT provides full professional engineering services: civil, structural, mechanical, chemical, electrical and nuclear. Our work includes industrial / manufacturing, commercial, government, institutional and high-tech facilities design. A proven organizational philosophy, led by a skilled management team, combined with broad-based engineering experience enables us to assemble the right team to meet your specific needs. IAT has extensive experience from preliminary feasibility studies through final design and construction. Our comprehensive design services and problem-solving approach lead to technically sound, innovative and cost-effective designs.

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