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IAT has the breadth and depth of resources and capabilities to accommodate projects requiring site investigation, problem analysis, program development, research and development, prototype development and subsequent product manufacturing.

With extensive field/application oriented experience we have the ability to focus quickly and effectively on the root cause of the problems and avoid costly and untimely efforts.

A significant database of practical applications has enabled us to refine the techniques and tools (hardware and software) employed on projects as part of our methodology. Some of the applications include, but are not limited to, Predictive/Failure analysis, Materials Engineering, Specialized NDE techniques, Design to applicable codes and standards, Corrosion, Fatigue and Dynamics analysis, Risk Based Assessment Programs, Structural Analysis and "Equipment Quality and Reliability Programs" (EQRP®).


IAT personnel have been involved in commercial and industrial as well as government research projects ranging in magnitude to hundreds of millions of dollars. The analyses performed have resulted in improved processes and higher reliability to the customer. Whether the problem is a fluid process materials problem or a structural integrity deficiency, IAT has worked efficiently to solve the problem and provide a RESULT or PRODUCT that has added value to the customer now and for years to come. These solutions have been developed for applications in electric utilities, material handling industries, fabrication shops, industrial mills, and transportation systems. Currently under contract with Sandia National Labs, Albuquerque, N.M. (a contractor of the DOE) IAT is providing structural analysis and assessments for all of the hundreds of cranes and hoists located throughout the laboratories located in Albuquerque, NM; Livermore, CA; Tonopah, NV; and Kauai, HA. Our work scope includes the identification of structural deficiencies, the recommendation of corrective action plans to resolve those deficiencies, and the development of programs and processes to implement the plans. A recent example is the identification and replacement of suspect and counterfeit fasteners in the crane systems with product of known quality and origin. Sandia is the first DOE location to have a written program in place for accomplishing this objective.


IAT utilizes four software programs for performing analyses of structures. The first is called STAAD III which stands for 3D modeling capabilities for static and dynamic analysis for steel and concrete structures. The second is COSMOS/M which is a highly recognized and accepted program for finite element analysis of either individual components of a structure or the entire complex structure. It also provides dynamics, vibration, stress analysis, fatigue and bending, heat transfer, and electro-magnetic analysis to name a few, as well as non-linear capabilities. We also utilize ANSYS and ABAQUS FE Modeling programs for their respective attributes relative to fluid structure interactions, seismic response spectra analysis and non-linear elasto-plastic and buckling analyses. Other IAT programs include DAST, Math CAD, Working Model, CELESTIAL SOFTWARE and drafting capabilities utilizing AutoCAD 14 and Graphisoft's 3D ArchiCAD.

Many options exist for software, however, after years of experience using numerous systems, these programs have provided us with the greatest capabilities and results.

IAT has also developed specialized inspection software programs for various industry applications and code requirements.


IAT personnel have years of practical field experience with materials ranging from plastics, composites, ferrous and non-ferrous materials, low alloy high strength steels, to and including exotics such as titanium based alloys.


IAT personnel have been involved in applications oriented research and development for decades. Our personnel have been instrumental in the development of the Acoustic Emission (AE) technology for practical applications and have a wealth of knowledge and experience in interpreting AE data as well as utilizing that data as a portion of the entire analysis process to make materials and component recommendations. We have applied AE successfully to equipment and structures fabricated from wood and composite materials to Cr-Mo Alloys operating around 1000 deg. F. The applications range from annual proof testing to process monitoring during fabrication and continuous monitoring for defect propagation or leakage.

IAT is currently nearing the end of the conceptual development of a new acoustic emission diagnostic instrumentation that will revolutionize the industry. The new concept will employ full digital waveform capture and storage of every event for subsequent post processing analysis. Additionally, the system will provide real time display of the AE activity. No other system has this feature today. Due to the proprietary nature of this system further elaboration cannot be provided at this time.

The most salient features of the IAT methodology is the interpretation and analytical post processing evaluation of the data derived from the AE testing. Of course, these values are preceded in importance only by the correct, planned and purposefully executed application and systematic approach to performing the AE testing initially.

The acoustic emission technology capabilities offered by IAT, which provide for unique qualification, are based upon the diverse experience in applying AE successfully to varied materials and applications. The ESSENTIAL component to these successes is the field derived and laboratory verified experience in interpreting the results of the acoustic emission test data, as it applies to the specific materials and applications or environments.


Our personnel are experts in their respective fields. They have participated in committees and standards writing organizations to develop methods and procedures for use throughout industry. Our structural engineers have specific experience in cranes for commercial as well as heavy industrial applications, such as mill buildings.

Description of Support Services

INTEGRATED ENGINEERING - IAT provides full professional engineering services: civil, structural, mechanical, chemical, electrical and nuclear. Our work includes industrial / manufacturing, commercial, government, institutional and high-tech facilities design. A proven organizational philosophy, led by a skilled management team, combined with broad-based engineering experience enables us to assemble the right team to meet your specific needs. IAT has extensive experience from preliminary feasibility studies through final design and construction. Our comprehensive design services and problem-solving approach lead to technically sound, innovative and cost-effective designs.

CIVIL ENGINEERING - IAT offers broad-based technical competence. We recognize the potential for significant cost savings as a result of innovative design, attention to detail and on-site construction management.

STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING - Our structural engineering services include analysis and design of buildings, as well as bridges and other unique structures. We incorporate state-of-the-art computer analysis to assure accurate design without costly over design while maintaining compliance to all applicable codes and standards. The same approach is applied to restorations and retrofits.

ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING DESIGN SERVICE - Our most rapidly developing area of business which includes a full range of services. We can provide extensive printed circuit board design, engineering support for hardware and software development, simulation modeling and consulting, as well as in-house support for most design activities. With a very substantial commitment to the design, development and marketing of patentable hardware and software products, we are constantly expanding our presence in this area of engineering and design.

CONSTRUCTION SERVICES - These services include assistance in bidding, contract award, design and shop drawing review, cost, schedule and quality control. Our construction management services range from periodic verification of single construction phases to full-time, on-site, construction observation and coordination of all construction contracts and tasks. Our services enable the project to be completed as designed and allows the client to focus on their business operations.

REFINERY AND PROCESS EQUIPMENT INSPECTION - IAT offers experienced Engineers and Certified Equipment Inspectors, who are familiar with all aspects of plant operations and equipment. Acting as assistants to your in-house Inspection Team, IAT can augment your turnaround activities, or if required, can manage your Inspection Program. All inspectors are trained and certified by AWS, API or The National Board. Each is familiar with process units from crude and vacuum units to Hydrocrackers and FCCU's

CONSTRUCTION INSPECTION - During construction of your plant equipment, IAT can supply Inspectors to monitor construction activities, or we can manage the complete Quality Assurance of your project. IAT provides experienced QA Managers and Engineers, Certified Inspectors for Welding, Structural and Pressure Vessel disciplines. IAT specialists are certified by AWS, API or The National Board.

VENDOR SURVEILLANCE / SELECTION - IAT capabilities include detailed inspection of fabrication activities for pressure vessels, heat exchangers, piping, fired heaters and rotating equipment. The process is complete, including verification of dimensions, materials, manufacturing processes, welding procedures and qualifications, NDE requirements and code / specification compliance. IAT can also assist in vendor prequalification to your critical project requirements.

QUALITY ASSURANCE SERVICES - IAT has a staff of Quality Assurance Managers and Engineers who can assist in the design of new QA Programs for complete construction projects, or who can implement and monitor existing programs. In addition to being familiar with programs designed under ASME, API, National Board and NACE, IAT can assist in the implementation of the International Standard ISO 9000 (ANSI/ASQC -90 - 94) Total Quality Management System. We have ISO trained personnel to assist in all phases of preparation for ISO registration.

PROJECT MANAGERS / PROJECT ENGINEERS - For projects both large and small, IAT can provide you with experienced Project Managers. From the planning stages through plant start up, we have the individuals with the education, background and knowledge in the Operation and Construction of Process Plants. We use the latest computer-based planning and control systems to allocate, track and control program schedules and resources.

FITNESS FOR SERVICE ANALYSIS - Including Fracture Mechanics and Finite Element Analysis for determining Vessel and Piping System Integrity and Fitness for Purpose Applications. IAT has developed an Equipment Quality & Reliability Program (EQRP®) which focuses on determination of remaining life.

ONSITE METALLOGRAPHY (REPLICATION) - For determining Metallurgical in-service damage such as Creep Cracking and Hydrogen Attack on Boilers, Vessels and Piping Systems, as well as detection of fabrication anomalies.

WELDING ENGINEERING SERVICES - Including procedure development and qualification, training, program development, inspection / monitoring and recommended practices. We can develop and qualify all manner of welding procedures, from the standard requirements of ASME and API, through multi-step procedures for repairs and special applications.

TRAINING AND QUALIFICATIONS - IAT's expert team can provide you with complete Training Programs, including testing and qualification. Courses are available via correspondence format and class room instruction.

REPAIR SERVICES - IAT personnel are problem solving specialists to industry and can plan, assist and supervise your plant repair activities. From the initial review of the problem, NDT Evaluation, recommended repair procedure development and supervision of repair activity, IAT can provide a turn key job. In addition, we can perform onsite specialized welding, including work with cast or forged materials, or critical high pressure piping systems and exotic materials.

ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES - Our role is to assist clients in achieving and maintaining environmental compliance. Because of the diversity of our expertise, we offer a multi-disciplined, integrated approach to solving environmental challenges. IAT expertise includes environmental assessments and investigations, environmental impact studies, hazardous waste management, remediation, asbestos and lead paint abatement.

FAILURE ANALYSIS AND LITIGATION SUPPORT SERVICES - Insurance claims related to component failures can lead to litigation. IAT offers the following services in litigation support.

 • Failure Analysis
 • Testing/ Instrumentation
 • Expert Witness

RESEARCH ACTIVITIES- IAT stays abreast of the state of the art through applied research for government agencies and industry research organizations, as well as industrial trends. The focus is always on developing "Results & Solutions ...not just studies ™" to real world problems.

 • New Analytical Solutions and Software
 • Improved Inspection Techniques
 • Condition Monitoring


Interstate Assessment Technologies has become very active in developing software analysis tools and training programs to support various aspects of industrial testing, assessment and personnel advancement. One of the premier programs we have developed is called TankData 2000™, and is used in several different applications in the testing and assessment of tanks and other vessels. A few screens from the program and a brief description of its application are included in the PRODUCTS section, under Software.

A full compliment of training courses are offered to assist the customer with personnel career development while enhancing the operational efficiencies, teamwork and capabilities.

Standard courses are available on API, AWS and ASME / ANSI code subjects. Custom courses on managerial, operational and technical subject areas are available, upon request.


Through our development of engineering support tools and programs, we will continue to expand our service base to manufacturing, and the engineering design sector. Whether your requirements are related to the fast turnaround of PCB's, or more complex in-house process and design problems, we would welcome an opportunity to support your efforts in this dynamic field.

Through our development of engineering support tools and programs, we will continue to expand our service base to manufacturing, and the engineering design sector. Whether your requirements are related to the fast turnaround of PCB's, or more complex in-house process and design problems, we would welcome an opportunity to support your efforts in this dynamic field.

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