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Business Description

Interstate Assessment Technologies is a successful highly technical design, testing and engineering company that has been in business since 1991. During this period, the company has experienced significant new growth through expansion of its engineering, testing and design activities with Sandia Laboratories, and its growth in training, product and software development.

The company has accomplished a great deal of this growth by adding professional staff and securing contracts to develop training programs for major clients like Motorola, 3M, Phillips Petroleum and other companies in several industries. This added capacity to design and develop training has also led to the successful generation of software products for assessment and management, specifically a software program that is currently an industry leader, TankData 2000™. This innovative product provides a comprehensive tool for all industries that are required to manage and assess large storage tank facilities.

IAT has the breadth and depth of resources and capabilities to accommodate projects requiring site investigation, problem analysis, program development, research and development, prototype development and subsequent product manufacturing. With extensive field/application oriented experience, we have the ability to focus quickly and effectively on the root cause of problems and avoid costly and wasteful efforts.

A significant database of practical applications has enabled us to refine the techniques and tools (hardware and software) employed on projects as part of our methodology. Some of the applications include, but are not limited to, Predictive/Failure analysis, Materials Engineering, Specialized NDE techniques, Design to applicable codes and standards, Corrosion, Fatigue and Dynamics analysis, Risk Based Assessment Programs, Structural Analysis and "Equipment Quality and Reliability Programs" (EQRP®).


IAT personnel have been involved in commercial, industrial and government research projects ranging in magnitude to hundreds of millions of dollars. The analyses performed have resulted in improved processes and higher reliability to the customer. Whether the problem is a fluid process materials problem or a structural integrity deficiency, IAT has worked efficiently to solve the problem and provide a RESULT or PRODUCT that has added value to the customer now and for years to come. These solutions have been developed for applications in electric utilities, material handling industries, fabrication shops, industrial mills, and transportation systems.

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